Monday, January 4, 2016

Combiner Wars Generations Optimus Prime (Part 1)

It is not very often that you see Optimus Prime as a combiner figure. I remember the last time when he appeared as a combiner was during the Energon series. In that series, he got to combine with some non-transformable rescue vehicles that were kept in his trailer. Lets see how this 2015 release figure fair against the Energon version.

Vehicle mode: 

At first glance, the vehicle mode of this Voyager Class Optimus Prime seems like an upsize of the earlier released Legends Class Optimus Prime figure. It follows the G1 style cab design ditching away the extended hook that was seen in the movie series.  

For Optimus Prime, color scheme is rather standard: Red, blue and grey. There are not much nice features on this figure except for the smokestack which for once is not made of rubber. The grill design and bumper looks weird in my opinion.

A look from the rear, you can see the lack of effort in hiding the robot parts (e.g. panel behind the cab, feet..). You can also see many areas that should be colored are not colored (e.g. wheels, windows on the side).
Front and Back: 

I'm not quite impress with the front and back. Surely Hasbro can offer a little more.

The side looks just as bad especially the unpainted side windows and the big hinge sticking out behind the side windows. 

On the top of the cab is the only one Autobot logo that you can see. 'Robot' in disguise?


Transformation is easy. It is almost similar to Heneki/Classic figure.

Here is how the robot mode looks like.

Next week, we will take a closer look at the robot mode.

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